Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day: "Who is your daddy and what does he do?"

In honor of Father's Day (yeah, I know I'm a day late, but what else is new), I starting thinking about my father (who is now deceased) and my stepfather (who has been everything to me in my life).  In trying to raise my own stepson, Joshua, I take everything in hoping to do the right things for him. Then I remember Arnold. And how ironic it was when he was saying this line that his child with Consuela the housekeeper was to be born. How his son never knew his dad and had to keep secret about it. This gives me new meaning to his famous line, "Hasta La Vista, Baby". Because that's what he did. Scumbag.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WTF is a Derecho?

It seems whenever we have a weird weather event, we get all these different kind of names we have never heard before. I've heard "El Nino" and La Nina", even bow echoes now and then on the weather forecast. But what the heck is a derecho?
According to the Weather Channel, "Derechoes are large clusters of thunderstorms that produce widespread wind damage, usually as a result of one or more curved lines of thunderstorms known as bow echoes. The word in the Spanish language means "straight" and these windstorms leave wide, long swaths of straight-line wind damage. These winds can be as strong as 50 to 100 mph (or higher)!"
Where I live, I was spared the force of the wind from the derecho by about 50 miles. Another word in the Spanish language is nacho. No matter missing the storm, my wife can provide much more wind from the force of her eating "DE" nachoes! Trust me, it's true. And the terror continues...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why So Sad, Chad? Child, PLEASE!

Chad, why so sad? Why is it when you try to do good, you do bad. I'm not glad. I'm just sad. Sad that what you were when you were with my Cincinnati Bengals is no more. As much as you will always be "The Joker", "The Class Clown", etc., maybe you are starting to learn that it is time to grow up. Fame got to you like it does most famous people. It's not ALL about you. Things you got sway with before, that is no more. It is one thing to enjoy life, another thing to live like a "playa", destroy your marriage and now your career. And now you're in jail. For 30 (days). The world still does care about you. Maybe you will get another chance with the Bengals, and join the list of second chances Mike Brown has invested in (see "Pacman" Jones latest debacle ). I love you. But, man, people don't see what you see. Yeah, this judge made a bad call. Maybe she'll let you out early. But, I hope you learn something while you're there. In the jailhouse now. Rock Bottom. Come back strong and be a better person. We all got flaws, Ochocinco. Show us another side. I know you got it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Pop" The Soda Pop "Crush"er!

Here's a good one for ya!  A Massachusetts woman used a stolen welfare card to buy $64 worth of soda.  Then, for good measure, she put the FULL cans immediately into an automated redemption machine to receive the nickel deposit. Tina Cafarelli, 36, was arrested on charges of larceny under $250 and destruction of property. The store manager estimated that the damage to the machine was "well over $250!"   This one reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode where they try to cross state lines in order to receive a higher deposit.  If she was a smart cookie, she should have done this in Michigan where the deposit rate is $.10.  If she was REALLY smart, she should have bought frozen pizza and just had a party!